Absolut Life

Competition | Illustration | Art | LGBTQ

After working on 3 projects on the LGBTQ community, this Project came to me as competition from Absolut Vodka. The company, from a very long time, promotes artist from every possible genre, along with a social cause too. This Competition to create art in any media, was an act of Artivism from Absolut, this year. Even after 3 projects, I was not able to put my head around the concept of gender. but all I know was no human, regardless of gender, is equal and have equal rights to sustain.

In this concept, I have shown the two most powerful figures from Indian mythology, The Shiva and the Shakti. As the story goes, even these two figures have to come together in order to show Brahma, the origin of life. So according to this, to procreate, to prosper, to sustain participation from every being is equally valuable.