Publication Design | Illustration | Content | Poetry

As designers we always talk about empathy, putting ourselves in the shoes of others, experiencing everything first hand, doing everything hands-on, learning by doing. In this course, I truly understood the meaning of these words. This course was an eye-opener and one of the few courses which I won’t forget ever. This course started with a journey from Ahmedabad to Village Fulzar, Rajkot. we stayed in a temple, called Ghela Somnath in Jasdan, Rajkot. Every day, we traveled back and forth from the temple to the village. In this course, we were supposed to spend 5 days in Fulzar and observe the village, the people and their day to day lives.

 But This course gave a lot more than that. It created sensitivity towards a lot of things, It helped to appreciate and be thankful for my food, to the environment I am blessed with, to almost everything. It generated a sense of gratitude and humility in me. I think maybe that was the actual hidden objective behind this course.

Final Work

Photo Credits- Akshata Desai, Rahul Gajjar,

Shoghi Bagul, Neerosha Singh, and Manasvini