Studio Gritt

Branding | Brand Strategy | Identity Systems Design

Design is a tool that converts present scenarios into desirable ones. This is what Studio Gritt is doing with its impeccable research, concept and innovation, and unparalleled aesthetic taste. Studio Gritt is a Bengaluru based space design studio that infuses life into spaces and products. Although Studio Gritt’s work speaks for itself in today’s ultra-fast and noisy day and age, it’s all the more important for a brand to have a clear thought and a bold voice to get heard from its tribe. This is where branding comes in.

Branding, according to Marty Neumeier, is the persons’ gut feeling towards the brand, and build these feelings in the tribe’s heart some brand and communication strategies are applied.

Branding will not only help the studio to have a strong sense of identity, to know who they are, why they do what they do, to identify the tribe, to position the studio amongst their tribe but will also help to communicate with the tribe more efficiently and clearly. A combination of brand strategy, marketing, and study of human behavior through human psychology will help to create a strong, memorable, and cohesive brand. This branding exercise will not help the externals of the brand but also help the team to streamline their thought and work internally too.